This all-natural skin solution is SO much more than a make-up remover. It does remove make-up beautifully, including mascara, leaving skin smooth and refreshed. But even for make-up free skin, when used daily as a toner, this solution brightens, moisturizes, refreshes and controls acne in one step.

Organic coconut oil, alcohol-free witch hazel and a nourishing blend of botanical oils in our make-up remover make it a "must-have" for pure and healthy skin.

Use daily to remove make-up, or as a toner after cleansing.
Shake the solution well and apply to an organic cotton pad or cotton ball. Wipe evenly over face and eyes without getting into your eyes.

organic fractionated coconut oil:
this is coconut oil in a liquid form. It is incredible for removing make-up, while softening your skin. Rich in fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidants. Won't clog pores.organic alcohol-free witch hazel:
acts as a toner, clearing pores and tightening skin. Rich in vitamin E.
organic aloe-vera liquid:
soothes irritated skin and removes redness and puffiness.
organic jojoba oil:
the ultimate moisturizing and enriching skin oil. Loaded with vitamins & similar to sebum oil in our own skin. Applying jojoba oil to oily skin "tricks" the body into thinking it already has plenty of oil so doesn't overproduce, actually helping to control excess oil. It is also antibacterial and prevents damage caused by free radicals. Won't clog pores or cause allergic reaction.
organic lavender oil:
relaxing scent and helps to soothe and control blemishes.

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